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Dr Laura Webber and I worked together at University College London for over 4 years, carrying out research into children's eating behaviour and food preferences . We produced some potentially very useful findings for parents and carers of small children, and both felt that it was important to get these findings across to the general public in an accessible and easy-to-understand way.


Published in August 2015 in both paperback and Kindle format, this is a practical guide for parents in how best to feed their young children from 0-5 years of age. Full of real life examples from parents themselves about their difficulties with feeding and what worked for them, it provides reassurance, dispels some of the myths around child feeding, and attempts to dissipate guilt about feeding. Covering the years from pregnancy to primary school, the book will help readers through the most potentially problematic and worrying stages of child feeding with evidence-based solutions to common problems. Includes insights into


  • How babies experience tastes even before they are born

  • How to recognize the right time to introduce solids

  • Which foods to offer when weaning

  • Why children reject vegetables

  • How to overcome food fussiness


With hints and tips for each stage of feeding to help develop healthy eating patterns for life, this book aims to put the pleasure back into family mealtimes. 




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