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After over ten years of research into children’s eating habits and how to change them, I developed a highly successful procedure for introducing foods to reluctant and fussy eaters. TINY TASTES involves giving children a taste of a very small amount of a new or disliked food every day for up to 15 days in exchange for a sticker reward. Tiny Tastes packs contain full instructions together with monitoring charts and stickers.  Tested in hundreds of familiesTiny Tastes was marketed through the charity Weight Concern. 


Here are some of the comments we've had about Tiny Tastes:

  • "They are both much better at tasting their vegetables since Tiny Tastes"

  • "This...was an eye-opener. My twins are now so much more positive about vegetables"

  • "I've already bored many people telling them how amazingly well it worked"

  • "Absolutely amazing - they didn't even like the smell of celery before Tiny Tastes and now they can't get enough of it"



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